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Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation: The report is an accurate scientific reference

Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation affirmed in a press release, on the occasion of issuing the UAE  foreign aid report 2009, that the issuance of the first UAE foreign aid report, which contains accurate and comprehensive information on the humanitarian aids and projects executed by the UAE humanitarian institutions is a great success for the documentation and verification of such aids to be an accurate and comprehensive scientific reference for all employees and those interested in the humanitarian work.

The statement added that "the most important characteristic of the Foundation's humanitarian projects is working on achieving a balance between the emergency humanitarian life-saving relief aids and the long-term humanitarian projects which make positive changes in poor communities." The statement explained that "the effort made by the foreign aids Office in the documentation of such aids will raise the rating of the UAE between the major donor countries and it reflects at the same time the keenness of everyone to shed light on such aids in order to be formally accredited with the global references", noting that "the role played by the foreign aids office to obtain the approval of the Economic Cooperation and Development Organization on the grounds that the foreign aids provided by the charities belonging to their Highnesses rulers of the emirates to the eligible countries are official humanitarian aids to be documented with them.

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