Foundation Strategy

 The Foundation developed its general strategy to revolve around 3 pillars:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Response to emergencies and crises.
Education: The Foundation adopted vocational and industrial training as a principal strategy in its initiative related to education, in order to deal with the problem of unemployment and with the aim of supporting deprived communities facing challenges of poverty and impoverishment.  Educational vocational curricula also enable students to posses the skills and capabilities required for certain scientific fields necessary for business.  The Foundation implemented a flexible strategy in this regard so that vocational education curricula are oriented towards the needs of the labor market and its priorities for various professions and vocations, as required in each community.
Health: The strategy of the Foundation includes the following fields related to healthcare:
  • Care for motherhood and childhood
  • Healthy nutrition and eradication of malnutrition 
  • Safe water
  • Supporting scientific research related to deadly diseases. 
Response to emergencies and crises: The strategy of the Foundation includes responding to emergencies and crises for all immigrants, displaced and harmed individuals wherever they are on the globe.
Its strategy also covers the different emergent crises such as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, wars etc and is committed to the optimal usage of available resources, capability building and developing domestic, regional and international partnerships with the aim of immediate response to resist the consequences of crises and catastrophes.

Strategy Scope:  

The Foundation prepared a geographical scope for its strategy so that its initiatives are more effective and influential;  hence, the scope is based upon the following:

Domestically:  The domestic strategy of the Foundation is characterized by its great flexibility as it covers a large sector of the impoverished and needy.  It extends care to them in various aspects such as health, education and by promoting efforts to provide a suitable life.  The Foundation also aims at building creative initiatives so as to alleviate poverty and suffering in all Emirates of the country.
Regionally:  The strategy of the Foundation focuses on vocational education and industrial training, in addition to health care and the building of hospitals and clinics.
Globally:  The Foundation supports the efforts of the UN and independent international institutions through the provision of healthy nutrition and by fighting malnutrition in deprived communities, in addition to providing safe water and supporting efforts exerted in motherhood and childhood care.  The strategy also supports distinguished scientific initiatives in medical research projects aimed at providing cure and treatment against fatal diseases.

Strategy General Rules:

The strategy of the Foundation depends on the following general rules and principles in achieving its mission:
  • Entry into strategic partnerships with independent global institutions and organizations
  • Seeking to improve institutional calibres and support individual capabilities to enhance human capital
  • Direct commitment towards execution of infrastructure projects
  • Review and evaluation.

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