International Projects 2010

Hajj campaigns - pilgrims from all countries of the world

Iftar project

Relief - Crises and Disasters

  • First and second relief - Palestine
  • Relief aids to the Pakistani people
  • Relief aids to the Filipino people
  • Relief aids to the Indonesian people
  • Relief aids to the Yemeni people
  • Relief aids to the Somali people
  • First relief to the Afghani people
  • Second relief to the Afghani people

Infrastructure Projects

  • Maintenance
    • Maintenance of mosques
      • Maintenance of a mosque Ishq Abad in Turkmenistan
    • Maintenance of other facilities
      • Maintenance of wells - Sultanate of Oman
  • Constructions
    • Constructions of mosques
      • Sheikh Khalifa Mosque in Jerusalem
      • Sheikh Khalifa Mosque - Chimkent - Kazakhstan
      • Sheikh Zayed Mosque at the University of Oxford - United Kingdom
    • Health Constructions
      • Sheikh Khalifa Hospital in Chimkent - Kazakhstan
      • Sheikh Khalifa Hospital - Homs, Syrian Arab Republic
      • Sheikh Khalifa Hospital – Casablanca in the Kingdom of Morocco
      • Health clinics in the Republic of Kazakhstan
      • Sheikh Khalifa Institute for Cancer Research - Texas In the United States of America
    • Educational Constructions
      • Sheikh Khalifa School – in Mombasa, Kenya (adding a library + labs)
      • Sheikh Khalifa School in Astana - Kazakhstan
    • Other Constructions
      • Sheikh Khalifa Projects - Pakistan 2008 +2009

Community Service Projects

  • Supporting a variety of humanitarian projects and works (financial support institutions / devices / means of transport)
    • Mir Ramadan – Sultanate of Oman and the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Republic of Pakistan (Mir Ramadan)
    • Digging wells in Darfur - Sudan
    • Dispatching dates abroad
    • In addition to miscellaneous humanitarian initiatives and aids around the world, such as the provision of 50 ambulances to health clinics in Pakistan and printing the Holy Quran in different languages.
    • Pakistan: supporting and enhancing the protection of refugees and displaced persons in cooperation with the UNRWA

Health Projects

  • Research and Therapy Center for cancer patients in the state of Texas - United States of America in cooperation with Medi Anderson
  • Supporting medical services in the Maldives
  • Professorships chairs in infectious diseases with the Mayo Clinic
  • Alzheimer's Center - France
  • Afghanistan: provision of safe drinking water and enhancing hygiene with Oxfam UK.
  • Afghanistan: water delivery and correction of nutritional situation in cooperation with the "Save the Children" organization
  • Afghanistan: treatment of malnutrition in cooperation with Gain Organization

Educational Projects

  • Vocational education projects in Bahrain, Egypt, Lebanon in cooperation with the Holding Etisalat
  • Adoption and operating project of a school in Beit Lahia - Gaza Strip, in cooperation with UNRWA
  • Afghanistan: Supplying the requirements of schools for students and teachers


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